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The Golden Girls - Season 7


The Golden Girls - Season 7

The seventh and final season of The Golden Girls premiered on NBC on September 21, 1991, and concluded on May 9, 1992. The season consisted of 26 episodes. It was the only season of the show that aired additional scenes during the final credits, and the first to feature no reused clips from prior episodes since season 2.

The season originally aired Saturdays at 8:00-8:30 pm (EST) on NBC from September 21, 1991, to May 9, 1992.[1][2] The Nielsen ratings of this season suffered following NBC's ill-advised decision to move the show away from Saturdays at 9:00-9:30 pm (EST), which was the timeslot it occupied for the past 6 seasons.[3] As well as that, it faced direct competition from ABC's Who's the Boss.

By Aaron WallaceThe old saying goes that "all that glitters is gold," but "The Golden Girls" didn't just glitter -- it glowed. For seven successful seasons, viewers were welcomed into the Miami home of four elderly women, who soon felt like old friends and won the world's affection. Cheesecake was sliced, stories were told, feuds unfolded and were later resolved. Plenty of jokes were made at one another's expense, but a warmth purveyed through it all. In other words, "The Golden Girls" felt a lot like true friendship, for both its characters and its viewers. Such connections are strong and long-lasting, which explains why the series was granted a consistent top spot in the ratings, 65 Emmy nominations, four Golden Globe awards, and a popular eternity in syndication. Of course, another old saying has it that "all good things must come to an end." "The Golden Girls", which ended its run with the conclusion of its seventh season in 1992, was no exception. It's no secret that the show ended at Bea Arthur's behest. NBC shifted its time slot by one hour on Saturday nights and its ratings rank slipped from #10 to #30 as a result. Arthur aside, though, the cast, crew, network, and fans weren't ready to let go. Knowing that "The Golden Girls" couldn't continue without Arthur in the mix, NBC developed a spin-off -- "The Golden Palace" -- for the next year. Diehard fans appreciated the extra time that they were granted with their favorite characters, but the spin-off just wasn't the same. 1992 marked the end of an era in television and widespread fondness for the show continues to this day. Fortunately, the advent of DVD allows longtime fans and new generations alike to experience classic television in its original sequence anytime they like. To that end, The Complete Seventh and Final Season of "The Golden Girls" has at long last been issued to DVD. It's often said that the series "jumped the shark" in its last year and those that notice weaknesses in Season 7 are astute viewers indeed. Hearty laughter is evoked less often than it once was, as a number of jokes are dead on arrival. Occasionally, the punch-lines feel forced and dialogue doesn't ring true, a serious problem for a sitcom specializing in character humor. And while the ending is poignant, the fate of Dorothy (Bea Arthur's character) doesn't feel satisfying. Despite all that, though, the series hardly "jumped the shark." Application of that term denies the seventh season of all that goes right in it. Every episode still packs a punch in the hilarity department and the number of good jokes far exceeds the bad. Dramatically, the show is in top form, surpassing even the dramatic strength of the sixth season. Several of the very best "Golden Girls" episodes are found in the seventh season and the series retained enough comic capital to justify not only a spin-off, but even an eighth season had Arthur been on board. The writing and acting in "The Golden Girls" is among the strongest that television has ever seen. Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty are each scene-stealers in their own right, meaning that the four of them together comprise an incomparably brilliant ensemble. This is the kind of series that you just can't get

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