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Where To Buy Crossville Tile REPACK

We are America's leading manufacturer of porcelain tile, and offer a variety of glass and natural stone tile for interior and exterior floors, walls, and countertops. Our innovative tile products are sustainable and expertly designed to last a lifetime.Crossville, Inc. products are made and stocked in the USA. Keep your residential projects on-time and on-budget with shorter lead times and domestic shipping & handling. With our large network of distributors and retailers across the country, you have convenient access to experience our products first-hand. Not to mention, you can order complimentary samples.

where to buy crossville tile


Create eye-catching design statements with floor to ceiling large format tile panels in bathrooms, entryways, living rooms, and bedrooms. Achieve a seamless, elegant look in kitchens by applying panels on the backsplash, cabinet door fronts, or oven hoods. Revolutionary tile technology creates versatile, unbelievably light-weight and thin porcelain. Our porcelain tile panels have over 60 colorways/finishes available, and are stocked in the U.S. with a 7 - 10 day lead time.

Crossville, Inc. is a leading provider of porcelain stone, glass, and natural stone tile for interior and exterior floors, walls, and countertops. Made from natural elements, our surface covering products yield a variety of unique textures, looks, and functions for home builders, designers and installers.

Join Crossville at Coverings April 18-21, 2023 and be apart of the preeminent event for the ceramic tile & natural stone industry in North America. Experience the latest tile & stone trends, mingle with industry peers, and gain industry knowledge and connections. See Crossville's latest tile collections at Booth #2600. We hope to see you there!

Join Crossville in Las Vegas for the HD Expo + Conference is the largest hospitality design event in the U.S., showcasing the latest products, services, and innovative developments. HD + Expo will be hosted at Mandalay Bay from May 2-4, 2023. See Crossville's latest tile collections at Booth #3005.

Since 1986, Crossville Tile has worked hard to become a premier provider of gorgeous ceramic and porcelain stone tiles that capture the look of natural stone. Innovative without sacrificing tradition, Crossville continues to take the flooring world by storm and the beautiful collections that they have designed are fully capable of completely transforming any and every space they fill into a sophisticated and elegant showpiece. $(document).ready(function() $("#pcontainer").toggle(); $(".btn2").click(function() $("#pcontainer").slideToggle(); ); ); #btn2 background: #00000;text-color: #40431; With collections that truly have a story to tell, Crossville tile offers porcelain tile lines that are versatile and appropriate for accentuating any space. For example, Buenos Aires Mood is a flawless replication of Latin American ambiance. That said, Buenos Aires Mood offers colorways such as Recoleta, which is actually the name of the downtown part of Buenos Aires, and Tango, a dance so popular in Buenos Aires that they hold a festival for it every year.Telling even more tales is Tuscan Clay, a masterful porcelain collection that resembles the warm and earthy tones of an Italian villa. Moreover, because Crossville Tile has made a habit out of taking each collection's theme a step further, Crossville Tile has solidified the Italian look and feel of Tuscan Clay by giving each of the four available colors Italian-names that span from Bianco, a soft cream, to Grigio, a sophisticated grey.Crossville Empire is yet another highly favored collection that has been designed and named around the French stylings of the 19th century. Available in 12 tractable styles, the Empire series features polish and sheen that promises to add trend while maintaining a truly timeless feel.New to Crossville is the Main Street collection. Both of these collections offer a soft stone look, a wide selection of colors, and a perfect range of sizes. Truth be told, we feel that both Crossville Main Street has been smartly designed and cleverly named. More specifically, Main Street offers a four-fold palette and, we feel, it is very obvious that Crossville has taken an appropriate amount of time and care with naming each color. That being said, Crossville Main Street spans from Cinema, a light beige, to Boutique, a posh black.Another new addition to the Crossville Tile family is the Wood Impressions collection. Wood Impressions fuses the beautiful grain patterns of hardwood with the durability of porcelain tile, making it a great hardwood alternative. So, for areas where a hardwood flooring application is not recommended, e.g., a kitchen or a bathroom, Wood Impressions offers a lovely stand-in.

A renowned manufacturer and distributor of premium porcelain stone tile for commercial and residential use with over twenty company-owned wholesale distribution locations operating as Crossville Tile & Stone.

With a commitment to offering beautifully designed, environmentally conscious products, backed by great customer service, Crossville consistently proves to be an innovator in the realms of glass, metal, natural stone and high performance porcelain tile products.

Crossville Studios is an approved distributor of StoneImpressions tile located in Austin, Texas. This location offers a unique mix of StoneImpressions Made to Order tiles, Artisan Stone Tile designs, and centerpiece tile murals. Visit their website today to learn information about showroom hours and visits. Showroom visits are a wonderful way to experience the beauty of StoneImpressions tile and envision how it will engender a timeless feature in your home.

Crossville is well-known for its huge variety of products - ceramic and porcelain, glass and natural stone tiles that are great for diverse applications - outdoor paving and pool lining, shower floors and walls, kitchen and bathroom tiles and countertops. Offering a wide selection of colors, sizes, patterns and finishes as well as visual effects of glass, concrete, marble, textile, wood and metal, this American tile brand makes any transformation easy and at the same time remaining virtually maintenance free.

Use our look-up tile tool to narrow down your search. The items may be sorted according to several criteria, including color, size, installation location, and more. The next step is to choose a nearby tile store that carries the tiles you desire.

Imperial Stone replicates the natural texture of quarry sourced stone with all the benefits of porcelain tile. The marble-look collection is characterized by light veining and available in five earthy tones and two finishes. Complementary trims and three on-trend mosaics complete the collection.

Large sized porcelain tiles with a clean, streamlined look. The natural simplicity of the classic marbles enhanced by a great attention to graphic details for elegant, sleek floors and walls.Proudly made in the USA.

Imperial Stone replicates the natural texture of quarry sourced stone with all the benefits of porcelaintile. The marble-look collection is characterized by light veining and available in five earthy tonesand two finishes.

Coverings 2020from April 20 to 23 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Meet us at booth #4925 in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.StonePeak Ceramics is taking on Coverings, the largest ceramic tile and natural stone expo in the United States, from April 20 to 23 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Meet us at booth #4925 in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center to ...

Builders can use the tiles on interior walls in both residential and commercial designs, and they can mix-and-match the colors to create a bold, customized design. The tiles are available in 3-by-6- and 3-by-12-inch rectangles, 6-inch squares, 6-inch triangles, 4-inch circles, and 2-inch demilunes. Also available are a 1.51-by-6-inch trim piece with finished edges on short and long sides and corner pieces intended to frame both the circles and demilunes. All tile styles are three-eighths-of-an-inch thick.

The tiles will have high shine and a reflective quality, thanks to the gloss finish. Available in Iris, a purple; Goldenrod, a deep yellow; Rose Gold; Ghost, a cream; Smoke, a warm gray; Charcoal, a cool gray; Soft Teal; Old Denim, a navy blue; and Oxblood, a deep red, the tiles are designed with a watercolor effect around the edges that is darker around the edges. Because of this handmade appearance, the tiles will have slight variations in color, size, thickness, and flatness, and the company suggests mixing boxes of the tiles when installing them to create a blended look.

Applications for useOur products can be used indoors and outdoors, in both residential and commercial spaces. From sprawling retail spaces to luxurious residential guest bathrooms, American-made Crossville tile is chosen by designers and architects in all industries for its beauty, sustainability, and functional design.

IndoorIndoor floors and walls have long been adorned with beautiful tile. Crossville's porcelain, glass, and natural stone collections give interior designers fresh takes on a classic surface covering.

Sizing OptionsFrom small, glass mosaic pieces to large-format, multi-meter long panels, Crossville offers a variety of sizing options for traditional pattern design, boundary-pushing layouts, or modern, minimalist lines. Our quality and consistency in manufacturing also produces highly uniform tiles.

Our TechnologiesDesign accomplishes many things, it can make heads turn and jaws drop, but it can also deliver benefits that make your life, and your clients', easier in the long-run. Our proprietary coatings and finishes help seal sustainable and protective features into your tile for long-term beauty and function. Learn more about our tile technologies. 041b061a72

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