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As CEO of Peckham Boston Advisors, John Peckham has been personally involved in selling over $1 billion in real estate throughout his career. In this book, he offers practical step-by-step strategies for commercial real estate investors and agents. Readers will learn the fine points of selling income properties, how to increase commissions, turning leads into listings that sell, pricing properties to sell quickly, advertising income properties, and tips for showing income properties for quick sales.

While meetings, seminars, and in-person communication can help investors become successful, reading some or all of these top real estate books can help them become even better. No matter the experience of the investor or agent, from history to practical guides about deal-making and investment strategy, these books give readers valuable information to help them succeed.

Designed specifically for small businesses, a Business Owners Policy (BOP) is a combination commercial policy that covers property, general liability and business interruption. It is written with strict underwriting guidelines including maximum allowable square footage for office, retail, or apartment risks. A BOP is most appropriate for small, "main street" businesses such as: hardware stores, barbershops, greeting card shops, accountant offices, or low-density apartment houses. Discuss the option of a BOP with your broker-agent, as the premium for qualifying businesses can be very competitive.

As a general rule under the ADA, discrimination includes a failure to design and construct a facility that is readily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities.11 All new construction (and alterations) must comply with the architectural standards for accessibility known as the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG or Guidelines). These Guidelines were issued by the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board and were published as an appendix to the federal regulations.12 The rules for the construction of new facilities are much stricter than those that apply to the removal of barriers in existing structures, which only require compliance where readily achievable. The rules for new construction apply to public accommodations and commercial facilities: in essence, any nonresidential facility whose operations may affect commerce (i.e., practically any type of commercial or business structure).

The ICC is a nonprofit association that provides a range of building safety solutions, including the development of model building codes. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a private, not-for-profit that oversees the development of standards for a variety of services and products. ICC model codes reference ANSI 117.1 as the standard for meeting accessibility. ANSI 117.1 was first comprehensively promulgated in 1961 and subsequently referenced in some state building codes in various forms between 1961 and 1990. ANSI 117.1 (2009) is the standard/guideline that most model building codes reference, and it established the basis and structure for ADAAG. ANSI has adopted a 2017 version containing some significant more stringent changes, but this version will probably not find its way into codes adopted by the states for several years. On a practical level, those seeking to be fully compliant must be cognizant of both ADAAG and other jurisdictional accessibility requirements. While the ADA relies on civil rights enforcement, local or state code compliance employs building permit plan reviews and inspections.

SS 76-2421 (1) contains two phrases (in bold italics below) that the Nebraska Real Estate Commission believes need some clarification to guide the conduct of real estate licensees in their practice with clients and customers, to assist designated brokers in their supervision of their affiliated licensees, and to help real estate trainers formulate and implement practical, meaningful agency disclosure training.

Morris, Manning & Martin's extensive experience working with both real estate owners and lenders has prepared us to guide and support clients through the current credit crisis. Our Commercial Real Estate Debt Management Practice provides legal support and practical business advice to real estate owners in all aspects of their relationships with their lenders. 59ce067264

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