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Main Musalman Kyun Hua Book: A Journey of Faith and Discovery

Main Musalman Kyun Hua Book is a memoir by Mohsin Raza Farooqi, a former Shia Muslim who converted to Sunni Islam after studying the Quran and the history of Islam. The book narrates his personal journey of faith and discovery, as well as the challenges and opposition he faced from his family and community. The book also aims to clarify some of the misconceptions and differences between Shia and Sunni Islam, and to invite the readers to follow the true teachings of Islam as revealed by Allah and practiced by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his companions.

The book is available in Urdu and English languages, and can be downloaded for free from the Internet Archive or listened to as an audiobook on SoundCloud. The book has received positive reviews from many readers, who praised the author's courage, sincerity, and knowledge. The book has also been featured in various online platforms, such as The Ultimate Guide to Main Musalman Kyun Hua Book, where the author shares more insights and details about his conversion story and his book.


The book is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about Islam, especially the differences between Shia and Sunni sects, and the reasons why some people choose to convert from one to another. The book is also a testament to the power of faith and the guidance of Allah, who guides whom He wills to the straight path.

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