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Online COVID Certificate: Why You Need It and How to Get It

Government of India has started providing proof of covid vaccination to every Indian citizen who has completed 1st or 2nd dose of covid vaccine via vaccine self registration portal. This digital proof is the Cowin vaccine certificate. Cowin vaccine certificate contains information such as persons name, age, gender, verified ID, unique Health ID (if already created) and vaccination status (number of vaccine doses completed). Along with above information Cowin vaccine certificate also has your vaccination details such as which vaccine you have taken, Covishiled developed by the Serum Institute of India (SII) or Covaxin from Bharat Biotech, vaccine type, dose number, who vaccinated you and where did you get vaccinated. Cowin vaccine certificate also contains a QR code which can be used to verify if your Cowin vaccine certificate is genuine or fake.

download online covid certificate

With the rapid spread of the Omicron variant in the third wave of Covid-19 most of the Indian states & cities have made it mandatory to show your downloaded Cowin vaccine certificate of both vaccine doses for travel or entering to public places. As this Cowin vaccine certificate is issued by the government of India, it becomes an evidence to prove to an entity whether public or private that you have been fully vaccinated.

Cowin vaccine certificate or Covid-19 Vaccine certificate can be downloaded using Eka Care web or Eka care app on play store and app store. You can download your Cowin vaccine certificate in just 1 click with Eka care app and access it anytime without internet as well. You can download the Cowin vaccine certificate from other below options as well.

Cowin vaccine certificate is issued by govt of India for completion of 1st dose & 2nd dose of vaccine. As per, the institution which has administered you the Covid vaccine is responsible to provide you a printed copy of your provisional Cowin vaccine certificate. In case you have not received it from them, you can easily download the Cowin vaccine certificate from below portals by only using your mobile number that you have used while registering for vaccine 1st dose or vaccine 2nd dose. Portals from where you can download Cowin vaccine certificate using your mobile number are

It is now very easy to download your Cowin vaccine certificate using your Aadhar number. All you have to do is open any of the below portals that provide the option to download Cowin vaccine certificate & follow below steps. Portals from where you can download Cowin vaccine certificate using your Aadhar number are

Covid 2nd dose certificate can only be downloaded once you have received the 2nd dose covid vaccine. Once you have received the confirmation from the institution that they have updated your details on the Cowin portal, you will receive a confirmation SMS that your 2nd dose of covid vaccine is completed. Now all you have to do is open any of the below portals that provide the option to download Cowin vaccine certificate & follow below steps. Portals from where you can download covid 2nd dose certificate are has helped more than 15 million users to download and store their Cowing vaccine certificate. Through our app, users can access their certificates anytime, anywhere without internet connectivity. You can download the Eka care app & sign-up to get your Cowin vaccine certificate in the eka vault.

Cowin vaccine certificate for Booster dose or Booster Shots or Precautionary dose will be available after you have received the 3rd dose of vaccination and your health center has updated the same on Cowin Portal. Now all you have to do is open any of the below portals that provide the option to download Cowin vaccine certificate for booster dose & follow below steps. Portals from where you can download booster dose vaccine certificate are

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Michigan adults with immunization records posted in the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR), including COVID-19 vaccination, will be able to locate their own record online and download, save or print this information. The portal was funded through CDC grant dollars and was officially launched in mid-August.

If your application is not processed automatically the NI COVID Certification Service will email you directly when your application has been successfully processed, telling you when you can download your certificate online or via the COVIDCertNI app.

You can securely store verifiable versions of your COVID-19 vaccination, test result, and recovery certificate records in the Health app on your iPhone or iPod touch. Vaccination and test result records downloaded in this verifiable format are digitally signed by a provider or health authority. This is similar to providing paper documents with an official seal. Verifiable health records are indicated by a checkmark in the Health app. This means that the record has not been changed since it was originally created.

Until now, users were only able to download the certificate via Aarogya Setu app. The MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot on WhatsApp now lets you download the certificate. This bot was introduced back in March 2020 to help answer COVID-19 related questions and prevent misinformation around the coronavirus pandemic.

Note: If your WhatsApp number is different from the one you registered on CoWin to get vaccinated, then you will not get OTP. So then you will have to download the certificate from the Arogya Setup app.

With the launch of the national platform set up and managed by Sogei, as of Thursday 17 June, citizens will be able to start receiving notifications by email or text message advising them that the certificate is available and a code to download it onto their PC, tablet or smartphone. Messages will continue to be sent and activations unlocked throughout June, and will be fully operational from 28 June, in time for the planned launch of the European pass on 1 July.

A certificate of recovery will be available from 11 days after a positive test and will be valid for no more than 180 days after you test positive. Instead of calling the Digital COVID Certificate helpline, you can now fill out an online form to request a certificate of recovery.

From Friday 3 September, people will be able to download a PDF copy of their vaccination certificate, with a personalised QR code, to print off instantly or store on their mobile phone for use domestically or internationally. This is in addition to the existing paper letters that can be requested from NHS Inform and the Covid Vaccine Status helpline.

Aarogyasetu helps you to schedule/reschedule/cancel your appointments for covid-19 vaccination. Using Aarogyasetu you can download the vaccination certificate or can request for changes in certificate as well. Your certificate will be readily available once synced.

We want to tell you that after getting the vaccination it is very important to keep Vaccine Certificate Download 2023 Online, because you will need it in the coming time. If you have got both the doses of the vaccine and have not downloaded the certificate, then you are being provided complete information about how to Vaccine Certificate Download by Name.

At present, the covid 19 Vaccine Certificate is an important document and we want to tell you that this certificate is given to the person who has received both the doses. However, at present, the vaccination of booster dose is going on in the country, in which the work is being done to vaccinate citizens. After getting both the vaccines of corona, it is very important to keep its certificate, because it may be needed anytime and anywhere.

A photo ID can be anything in the document, some of the documents we have given below, any of these will be acceptable by the authorities when you will be getting the dose. You can also download your covid Vaccine Certificate in Digilocker and we want to tell you that this app is completely safe and can be used at any time.

Somewhere you get this certificate in hand, but somewhere you have to download it yourself, so what has to be done to download it. And here will tell you how to download the Vaccine Certificate 2023 Name Wise, and whatever details are needed next.

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