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Buy Shutterstock Account

However, they also specify that if your misuse of the image results in legal claims against Shutterstock, you will be held accountable and required to indemnify them. This is why it's so important to fully understand their license terms!

buy shutterstock account

You sign up for an account on the Shutterstock website (this is free), select the image you want, pay for it online, and hit the download button. Every time you download an image from Shutterstock, a Shutterstock license for that image is automatically issued to your name (the name that appears on your account). And it's legally binding.

Hi David, could you be more specific? Do you mean that you wish to cancel your Shutterstock subscription? If so, you can do it directly on your account settings on their website. Keep in mind that all images you download and have already used in a design, are yours to use forever even after canceling your subscription. Hope this helps.

Or do I need to make slight changes such as adding boarders etc to make sure they fit in the standard license category?I would of course let my customers know that these images came from shutterstock, and most times in a digital kit I would always be adding 50% of images from my journals, but I would also like to add your images on separate pages of the same kit, so there is no overlap.would this be ok and what license would you recommend?Thank-you

Hi. can i use images bought on shutterstock with a standard licence, on my Instagram account which is a creators account, without giving credit to shutterstock? or do i have to take the enhanced license?

The Shutterstock Contributor accounts make up the creative side of the Shutterstock community. Contributors submit images to the Shutterstock platform. They contribute to the Shutterstock photo library where customers can find the images they want.

Congratulations, you are now an official Shutterstock contributor and you can start uploading your photos to the platform. As you can see, the Contributor platform and your account dashboard give you an overview of your earnings and where your images are being downloaded. There are also links to helpful resources that will help you get the most out of the Contributor platform.

The Shutterstock API provides access to Shutterstock's library of media, as well as information about customers' accounts and the contributors that provide the media.It allows customer platforms to search for media, view information and previews for the media, and license and download media.

Each type of subscription provides access to a specific media library; all API requests use only the media in that library, including search, details, and licensing requests.For example, when you search with a free subscription, the results are limited to images in the Free stock photos collection.For this reason, you might see different media by searching on the API versus searching on trying to license media, make sure that you can access it through the API with your API subscription.

The new application appears on the My apps page.Each application has a consumer key and a consumer secret.You use this consumer key and consumer secret either to use the API directly with basic authentication or to request a token for OAuth authentication; see Authentication.Do not share your key and secret, because they can be used to access your account through the API.

Open the URL in a web browser, log in, and allow your Shutterstock account to access the callback host name.The Permission Request window lets you make sure that you want to let programs with the token access your Shutterstock account with the specific permissions:

You can use the same application to get tokens for any number of users.Just repeat the request to the GET /v2/oauth/authorize endpoint with the application information and then sign in as a different user.Each token is tied to the user's account.

If you requested a token that does not expire, the token does not need to be refreshed.This type of token is valid until the user account that is associated with the token changes its password or email address.

To refresh a token that expires, pass the refresh token, which begins with "3/", to the POST /v2/oauth/access_token endpoint.You must also pass either the consumer secret from the application or the user ID of the user account that is associated with the token.Use these parameters:

Image search results and responses to the GET /v2/images/id endpoint include thumbnails and previews in multiple sizes.The response includes the dimensions of each image.Which sizes appear in your response depends on the type of your account.

If you are using an API subscription from , you can leave out the subscription ID field in your licensing request.In this case, the API uses the subscription that is linked to the account in the token.If that account has more than one API subscription, it uses the subscription that is closest to its expiration date.

The endpoint that you use to license editorial media depends on where you find the editorial media.Some editorial accounts license editorial media from the same endpoints as they use to access non-editorial media.Other accounts use separate editorial endpoints to find and license editorial media.Contact your account representative for information about how you should access editorial media.

You can use the licensing sandbox API to test your application's licensing, downloading, and license history code for images, video, and audio and verify that your subscription is working.Editorial licensing is not available in the sandbox.To use the sandbox, change the base URL of your requests to you are using the JavaScript SDK, use the setSandbox method, as in the example in the right-hand pane (requires SDK version 1.0.11 or later).

In this case, you must pass an empty or non-empty value for each field that your integration requires, as in the example in the right-hand column.To find the metadata fields that are required or optional for your subscription, use the GET /v2/user/subscriptions endpoint or contact your account representative.

You can create collections of a single asset type, which are custom lists of a single type of Shutterstock asset, including images, videos, and audio tracks.You can create any number of collections and access them through the API or at collections will be deprecated, so use catalog collections if your account has access to them.

Through the API, enterprise and SMB users can search catalogs, create catalog collections, and add Shutterstock assets to them, including images, videos, audio tracks, and editorial media.To add their own files and do other work with catalogs and catalog collections, they must access their catalogs with a web browser at

This endpoint searches for images. If you specify more than one search parameter, the API uses an AND condition. Array parameters can be specified multiple times; in this case, the API uses an AND or an OR condition with those values, depending on the parameter. You can also filter search terms out in the query parameter by prefixing the term with NOT. Free API accounts show results only from a limited library of media, not the full Shutterstock media library. Also, the number of search fields they can use in a request is limited.

Keep in mind that Shutterstock reserves the right to hold onto your referral payments for up to 90 days from the date that the contributor or subscriber you referred creates his or her Shutterstock account.

Necessary cookies allow us to offer you the best possible experience when accessing and navigating through our website and using its features. For example, these cookies let us recognize that you have created an account and have logged into that account.

Now take this into account. Being on the other end of stock as a buyer, I can tell you that often I purchased images simply to make up the daily quota. I put them onto my external hard drive for possible future use and have never looked at them again. So I figure as a seller, many of the photos people buy will never actually be published. These same images would likely not have been purchased if they were selling for $40 or more per image. provides Services of PVA Accounts, Email Accounts, Gmail Accounts, Hotmail Outlook Email, Mail ru Accounts, Yahoo Email Accounts, File Upload Accounts, Forum Accounts, Google Voice Accounts, Image Share Accounts, AOL Mail accounts, Social Accounts, Profile Backlink Accounts, 2.0 Web Accounts, Facebook Accounts, Instagram Accounts, LinkedIn Accounts, Reddit Accounts, Twitter Accounts, Youtube Accounts & Much More Services For Many Popular Social Networks.

You are viewing current coupons and discount promotions for April 2023. For more about Shutterstock visit Shutterstock Wikipedia page, and for its current promotions connect with them on Twitter @Shutterstock, Facebook or Instagram

In a nutshell, until June 1, 2020 earnings were related to total sales from the moment the account was opened. Each photographer was initially paid a minimum of $0.25 per photo sold. This figure was then gradually increased as sales increased up to $0.38 once a photographer earned $10,000 in total.

In general, starting a stock photography website like Shutterstock does not differ a lot from the development of any other website. Still, there are some industry peculiarities that should be taken into account.

To escape risks of fraud, multiple accounts from one person and increase security, Shutterstock, as well as many other stock photography websites, ask their contributors to upload an ID scan copy to the account. In the same way as any partnership, this serves as a guarantee of trustful relationships between the company and an individual that can be used as proof of rights for authorship and fair contracting in case of some disputes and lawsuits. Also, a stock photo agency can generate tax reports for the contributors. 041b061a72

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