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Implementación de Planes Nacionales de Adaptación

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Remote Mouse is also available for iPhone/iPad, iPad, Android and Windows Phones with a Bluetooth companion app for Mac and Windows. Connect your laptop/tablet to the Internet using the Bluetooth technology. You can either do it with the Remote Mouse or with the special Windows Mobile Mouse. Just install both apps and then you will easily be controlling your computer with your mobile device effortlessly. Using the Bluetooth technology, Remote Mouse can synchronize with your Windows Mobile Mouse without any extra hardware. to download install

The free version of the Remote Mouse allows connecting only one smartphone at a time. You are not able to use it if you have more than one smartphone. As a result of this limitation, the majority of people use the Remote Mouse on their smartphones, which is not a bad thing since most people these days use more than one smartphone simultaneously. If you want to use this software on your smartphone, just download it, install it and open the mobile app, select your smartphone from the devices list, then you are all set. It is very easy to use.

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