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Krishna Lal Chadha has held the chairs of the Indian Society of Agri-business Professional (ISAP), International Mango Working Group and the Indian Agribusiness Systems (Agriwatch), New Delhi during 2007-08.[4] He is a former president of various national level agricultural societies such as the Indian Society of Agriculture Sciences, the Bougainvillea Society of India, the Orchid Society of India and the Mushroom Society of India. He has also been the vice president of the Indian Society of Vegetable Sciences and the Rose Society of India. He is the chief patron of the Association for Improvement in Production and Utilization of Banana and All India Kitchen Garden Association[4] and has served the Board of Trustees of the International Potato Center (CIP), Lima, Peru, seven years as a member and three years as its vice chairman.[3][4] He has also worked as the secretary of the sub group on Viticulture for South- East Asia and the vice chairman of the Commission on Tropical and Sub-Tropical Horticulture.[4] He has been a consultant to several international agencies such as Food and Agriculture Organization for the fruit production in eight countries of Asia, Genetic Resources in Thailand, USAID on mango production to Horticultural Export Improvement Association (HEIA), Cairo, Egypt, Bioversity International (former IPGRI) on genetic resources in citrus, mango and sub-tropical fruits and the World Bank on nursery production of horticulture and Forestry species.[4] He is the incumbent president of the Horticultural Society of India.[8][9]

Icar Handbook Of Horticulture

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Chadha is a Fellow of the International Society for Horticultural Science,[10] a US based forum of the scientific and technical professionals in the field of horticulture.[11] and is a member of several workgroups within the organization.[8] He also holds fellowships of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences,[3][12] the Horticultural Society of India[4] and the Indian Society of Vegetable Science.[13] He has been the chairman of such government and professional agencies as National Planning Commission of India working group for Horticulture Development in India, National Committee for oilpalm cultivation, Registration Committee for Pesticides, High Power Committee on Restructuring of Department of Agriculture, High Power Committee for Horticulture in the states of West Bengal, Haryana and Gujarat.[4] He has also been a member of the National Steering Committee for Organic Products, Planning Commission Committee for Mid-term Review of the eleventh Five Year Plan and two Task Forces for the Government of Kerala and Government of Rajasthan.[4]

Chadha is credited with 30 books on the topics of agriculture and horticulture,[14] which include Advances in Horticulture,[15] a 13 volume publication covering 9410 pages.[4] He has also brought out a Handbook of Horticulture.[16] Some of the other notable books are Biotechnology of Horticulture and Plantation Crops,[17] Agriculture and Environment,[18] The Grape : Improvement, Production and Post-Harvest Management[19] and The Apple : Improvement, Production and Post Harvest Management.[20] Many books on horticulture and agriculture have cited Chadha in their works.[21][22] 041b061a72

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