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Implementación de Planes Nacionales de Adaptación

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Draft Proposal For Debian

In essence, each enhancement proposals is assigned to one or moredrivers which follow the proposals advancing through variousstates, until it is finally accepted (orrejected). Discussions about ongoing DEPs happen in the usual Debian way(i.e., the most appropriate mailing list, IRC channel, etc.).

Draft proposal for Debian

Discussion, draft resolutions and ballot options, and votes by members of the committee, are made public on the Technical Committee public discussion list. There is no separate secretary for the Committee.

The Technical Committee does not engage in design of new proposals and policies. Such design work should be carried out by individuals privately or together and discussed in ordinary technical policy and design forums.

The status of ongoing General Resolutions include the proposal and list of seconds, all important dates and the necessary rules for passage. Of course, the status will also include one of the following:

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