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Carey's rich, clear voice brings traditional Christmas classics to a new level. Her gospel version of ``Silent Night'' will make you feel as if you have a Missionary Baptist church choir in the house.



In this article, two lenses are used to engage the task of AfricanBiblical Hermeneutics. The one lens is derived from African wisdom, i shavhai sia muinga i ya fhi?, in which there is a need for people to affirm theirown roots. Drawing from the wisdom of the preceding proverb, we argue that,in their scholarship, African biblical scholars have to take seriously theirown African heritage and thus do justice to their contexts rather than relyheavily on Western paradigms if their scholarship is to impact communitiesand also contribute towards shaping the face of biblical hermeneutics as awhole. The other lens is an analogy derived from the following events inJesus' life: incarnation, death and resurrection. The task of AfricanBiblical Hermeneutics has to be a three-fold process for the Bible to be'gospel' in Africa: Firstly, the incarnation of the Word--the Bibleas the Other has to incarnate into African contexts for it to become anAfrican Word. Secondly, the death of the Word--this entails a criticalengagement with the Word from multiple perspectives for it to be relevant tothe struggles of African people. Thirdly, the resurrection of the Word--thebiblical text has to be allowed to address and transform an African person innew creative ways.

In Christian doctrine, incarnation is used to express the conceptof God becoming human in Jesus Christ. Thus, Jesus is regarded as both Godand human. (6) In the gospel according to Matthew, Jesus is the Immanuel (Godwith us)--a messianic figure whose coming was regarded as symbolisingGod's presence with humanity (see Mt 1). In the gospel according toJohn, Jesus is the Logos, whose coming to earth is regarded as symbolisingdivine presence (Jn 1:14). 041b061a72

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