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Arturia V Collection 5 2017 Patch Only MAC OS X

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Arturia V Collection 5 2017 Patch Only MAC OS X

I think the two slightly different sounds you can hear are a result of the filter being modulated with a super-slow LFO, which creates the fade-in effect as it rises. When I saw Mac live I could definitely hear his keys player was creating the rising-and-falling effect from just one patch. You could try closing the filter more and raising the amount of LFO modulation to better create the effect, the only caveat is that it makes the patch a little more unpredictable.

I added another send/return to the patch which is now much more in line with how I operate live. It may already be too close for comfort for you, so I'm not sure if I will add the preamps on the A3/A1. When I received the patches, my intuition told me that it wasn't a good idea to give it more preamps yet, so I left it as it was. You will definitely hear it. Another thing to try is to drop the send/return on the A3 to 0, so the patch is ten voices only. This will cut away the softer controlled resonance in the filter bank, and also make the patch a little more predictable. This is the version I will be performing on the 2018 tour. d2c66b5586

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