Yellow line of the La Paz cable car - Bolivia The cable car is a sustainable transport method that has been implemented in several cities in Latin America.

WASA-GN is an international non-profit organization independent of political or religious beliefs, whose aim is to establish global synergies to favour a rational management of water resources worldwide. In order to achieve this objective WASA-GN has created a global network of institutions and specialists in water issues and related disciplines and proposes the study of the drivers of the present global water crisis and the formulation of water management models based on a systemic rationality. This leads to focusing on the problem from its inception: the urgency to reformulate existing paradigms and current growth and development models and the...

WASA-GN es una organización internacional sin afán de lucro, independiente de credo político o confesional, cuya finalidad es la creación de sinergias globales que favorezcan la gestión  racional de los recursos hídricos en el mundo. Para materializar este objetivo, WASA-GN ha creado una red  mundial de instituciones y especialistas en temas del agua y disciplinas interconectadas y propone el estudio de las causas de la crisis global del agua que hoy día vivimos y la formulación de modelos de gestión hídrica de mayor racionalidad que los actuales.

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